London DJ Frankie Knuckles
London DJ - Top Ten House Tracks
London DJ Top Ten Tunes 80's House 2

A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – 80’s and 90’s House

A London DJ's Top Ten Tunes - 80's and 90's House Three years ago today we lost a both a legend and pioneer of House music. Frankie Knuckles, born and raised in New York City, made an incredible impact on what is one of the most popular genres of music today. Following the end of the disco era in the …
London DJ St Patricks Day
St Paddys Day 2017

A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – St Patrick’s Day

With just a few days to go before the annual St Patrick's day celebrations commence, I'll be reviewing some of the great music I often feature at this time of the year. I'll also use this blog, 'A London DJ's Top Ten Tunes - St Patrick's Day' to compare my favourite St Patricks day anthems to the songs which appear in …
London DJ Salt Lounge
London DJ Salt Lounge

A London DJ’s diary – Salt Lounge West Hampstead

In this latest blog ‘A London DJ’s diary – Salt Lounge West Hampstead’ I’ll be telling you about my latest outing at the Salt Lounge, a nightclub I’ll be performing at every Friday Night. The club located in West Hampstead is a truly great night out and somewhere that I would recommend to anyone looking for a good night out …
London DJ Craig David
Garage Top Ten Tunes

A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – Garage

A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – Garage In this edition of a ‘London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes’ we’ll be reviewing a genre of music which in my opinion is synonymous with the capital city. Indeed whenever I think of Garage music I think of strong cockney accents, the 90’s London club scene, and of course talented London DJ’s! The …
London DJ Asian wedding
London DJ Wedding Venue

A London DJ’s dairy – Raj and Ayesha’s Wedding

A London DJ's dairy - Raj and Ayesha's Wedding As a Wedding DJ in London one of the things I enjoy most is learning from the different cultures in our diverse city. Last week I got the opportunity to do this as I performed at the wedding of Raj and Ayesha. It was truly a privilege and I'll tell you all …
London DJ avontuur
London DJ Tiffany

A London DJ’s diary – Boat Party Bonanza

A London DJ's diary - Boat Party Bonanza As a London DJ, one of the things I enjoy most about my job is being able to travel and perform throughout the city. On occasions I get to do this literally as I'm performing on boats which sail across the Thames. Boat Parties are some of the most enjoyable and last …
London DJ 21st Birthday Party
London DJ TLC

A London DJ’s diary – Harriet’s House Party

A London DJ's diary - Harriet's House Party As a London DJ, one of the things I enjoy most is being able to perform at wonderful venues throughout the city. Over the years I've played at a number of Nightclubs, schools and Hotels as well at various wedding venues. Despite this, in my opinion it could be argued that House …
London DJ David Bowie in a suit
London DJ David Bowie

A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – David Bowie

A London DJ's Top Ten Tunes - David Bowie In this latest blog series "DJ Pascoe's Top Ten Tunes" I'll be reviewing some of the incredible artists who appear in DJ Pascoe's second book. The book, authored by Groove Control DJ Pascoe, ranks the music of various artists according to there popularity, commercial success and his own opinion. In this …
London Wedding DJ

A Wedding DJ’s diary – Clio and Adrain

A Wedding DJ's diary - Clio and Adrain With the start of Autumn also comes the end of the very busy Wedding season. Fortunately we've still got quite a few to perform at and last weekend we played at beautiful celebration at the La Looche pub in Teddington. I'll tell you all about what was a lovely night in 'A Wedding …
Karaoke DJ Brondes Age
Karaoke DJ Prince

A Karaoke DJ’s Diary – Brondes Age

A London DJ's Diary - Brondes Age karaoke As part of my job as a Karaoke DJ I get the opportunity to travel throughout the city. Often this requires me to drive for hours on my way to venues around the capital and it's certainly something I've grown to love. Despite this working in my local area is something I enjoy …