Our DJ’s secretly enjoy performing at children’s parties. After all they allow us to play fun games, relive our youth and dance to music we secretly enjoy!
Typical Children's Party Format
Part 1 (1st Hour)
Children arrive to upbeat music
Party games commence

Break for food and drinks

Part Two (40 minutes)
Dancing competitions
Party prizes are given out
Birthday child selects the final song

Party Games

As part of of Children’s party package we’ll entertain your guests with a variety of classic party games. Some of our favourite games to play include Sleepy Lions, Musical Bumps, Musical Statues and Simon Says

Radio edited music

As responsible children’s entertainers we ensure that the music we feature at our Children’s parties contains NO explicit language.

Dancing Competitions

Dancing competitions can be great fun after all we all enjoy a good Boogie! This can be made even more enjoyable when we compete against our close friends and family.

DBS Checked

Our Children’s party entertainers are all vastly experienced and have spent a number of years working with Children. As part of this they have all passed Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.
Performing at Children’s parties can be great for so many reasons! What our DJ’s enjoy most at these events is the interaction they have with the young and energetic audiences. We participate fully in all party games and have even been known to lead dancing competitions! We’ll also be able to play music from a playlist selected by the birthday boy or girl and can even add additional extras such as Karaoke to make the day even more entertaining.