Our corporate DJ’s are suited to a variety of occasions. If you’re staging a function, why not use our bespoke service to create the perfect impression for your clients or employees


Our years of experience, which includes working alongside some of the most prestigious companies in the city, has taught us so much.  This experience has enabled us to develop a corporate DJ package suited to a variety of occasions including Galas, Award ceremonies, Office parties and product launches. As part of this we’ll work alongside you to establish a brief before using our expertise to deliver exactly what you’ve asked for. Often this will entail the use of our both our lighting a sound equipment which we can adjust depending on the demands of your event.

Upon arrival we’ll use our skills and experience to keep your guests entertained. You may require us to supply background music initially or even to play music linked to a specific genre. Whatever the requirements you can rely on us to get it just right.


Pre Event Meeting

To ensure that we’re able to meet the specific needs of your event, we often find it’s useful to meet in person. This enable us to get a clear idea of exactly what it is you’d like us to deliver, making our job much easier and your night more enjoyable.

Wireless Microphones for Speeches

Often Microphones are required at Corporate events to make speeches. Our cordless microphones are ideal for this and enable speaker to roam the room freely whist speaking to their audiences. We can provide up to four microphones at any Corporate event.

Overhead Projectors

Our Overhead Projectors have a variety of functions. Typically at Corporate events they’re used during presentations and award ceremonies.  We’re able to synchronize them with our portable speakers which enables everyone in attendance to hear with great clarity.

Personalized Playlist

As part of our Corporate DJ package you’ll be able to provide us with a playlist of songs you’d like to be heard on the night. On occasions we’ve performed at Corporate events with a particular theme and helped our clients to select songs related to the theme. We’ll also be able to take requests from your guests on the day.

Mood Lighting

Mood Lighting can be a great addition to your Corporate Function. We’ll work with you to establish a colour scheme, before installing the lights on the day and using our state of the art equipment to manipulate them during your event.

Intelligent Disco Lighting

Our intelligent lighting can be used to great effect. You’ll be able to work with us to design exactly how our disco lights appear on your dance-floor. We can arrange our lighting in accordance with other lights you’ve selected on the day.