Your Wedding is one of the most memorable events in your life. Work with our DJs to make your day even more special


We consider it a great privilege to perform at any Wedding. To be selected to entertain close friends and family members on what is undoubtedly one of the most important days of an individuals life is a great honour. Our bespoke Wedding DJ hire service is designed to ensure that we exceed the expectations of all clients. We do this, not only by providing entertainment on the dance-floor but also by assisting you in a number of other areas.

As part of this we can meet you in person prior to your Wedding, host your Wedding, create custom made Gobos which can be displayed throughout the venue, provide Large Love Letters and light the venue according to your tastes


Mood Lighting

The use of Mood Lighting can really enhance the atmosphere on your special day. Work with us to decorate your wedding venue by out lighting what colours you’d like used before leaving the rest to our experts.

Wedding Hosting

With years of experience all of our amazing DJs are adept at hosting proceedings on your wedding day.

Personalized Playlist

Considering the family orientated nature of Weddings, we feel that great Wedding DJs should be able to entertain guests of all ages. With years of experience we know that our DJs are capable of just that. You’ll be able to provide us with a playlist to ensure that all favourite tracks are played.

Intelligent Disco Lighting

Our intelligent lighting can be used to great effect. You’ll be able to work with us to design exactly how our disco lights appear on your dance-floor. We can arrange our lighting in accordance with other lights you’ve selected on the day and even change the speed of our lights during special moments such as your first dance

Cordless Microphones for speeches

Our cordless microphones are ideal for making those memorable wedding speeches. Regardless of who’s on the mic you can rely on us to ensure that everything, including all embarrassing stories, is heard loud and clear!

Light Up Letters

Love Letters can be another fantastic addition to any Wedding Day. We can provide large letter of various sizes which can be arranged to say whatever you want.