Karaoke at the Brondes Age

Karaoke at the Brondes Age

Karaoke at the Brondes Age

As part of my job as a Karaoke DJ I get the opportunity to travel throughout the city. Often this requires me to drive for hours on my way to venues around the capital and it’s certainly something I’ve grown to love. Despite this working in my local area is something I enjoy especially and every Thursday night I get to do just that. In my latest blog, ‘Karaoke at the Brondes Age‘, I’ll tell you all about this weekly Karaoke Party.


The event takes place at a Bar called the Brondes Age which, in my opinion, is the most vibrant place of it’s kind in North West London. During weekdays, this bar located on Kilburn High Road, is busier and more eventful that most bars and pubs are during the weekend. The amazing turnouts at our Karaoke events which only started a few weeks ago is due in part ot the bars great popularity. It’s also been a great success due to the people who’ve attended and also crucially to the people who’ve performed their favourite Karaoke songs.

During the last few weeks we’ve had some fantastic performances from some exceptionally talented individuals as well as some frankly hilarious renditions of classic songs. On reflection my favourite performances so far were of ‘Hotline Bling’ by Drake, ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince and ‘Hollaback Girl’ by Gwen Stafani.

Our Karaoke party starts at 21:00 every week with the final performances coming at midnight. We spend the final hour of the night partying to great music and I always relish the challenge of entertaining my diverse audience. If you’d like like to join us on Thursday we’d be delighted to have your company and can promise to entertain you all night totally Free of charge!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog, if you have you can find more just like it here.

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