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A Karaoke DJ’s Diary – Brondes Age

A London DJ's Diary - Brondes Age karaoke As part of my job as a Karaoke DJ I get the opportunity to travel throughout the city. Often this requires me to drive for hours on my way to venues around the capital and it's certainly something I've grown to love. Despite this working in my local area is something I enjoy …
London DJ Rihanna
London DJ hire Rihanna

A London DJ’s Top Tunes – Rihanna

A London DJ's Top Tunes - Rihanna In this edition of a London DJ's Top Ten Tunes, we'll be reviewing the music of Rihanna, arguably the outstanding artist of her generation. Our review of her work in, 'A London DJ's Top Ten Tunes - Rihanna' follows news that she has been nominated for a number of awards at this years BRIT's. …

A London DJ’s Diary – Lights Out Boxing

A London DJ's Diary - Lights Out Boxing I'm often asked what I enjoy most about being a London DJ and whilst in many ways it's a difficult question to answer, recently there is one aspect of my job I enjoy more than anything else. On reflection, what I enjoy most about my job is how varied it is and …
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A London DJ’s Diary – Brazilian Fashion Show

A London DJ's Diary - Brazilian Fashion Show One of the things I enjoy most about performing throughout London is the cities diversity. Over the last couple of weeks for instance, I've performed at Asian and African Weddings, played music from a variety of different genres and most recently entertained members of the Brazilian community at a fashion show in …
London DJ - Take That

A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – Take That

A London DJ's Top Ten Tunes - Take That In this edition of a London DJ's Top Ten Tunes, I'll reviewing the music of one of Britain's most successful Boy Bands, 'Take That'. With an incredible seven studio albums to date and another set to be released later this year, this quintet have certainly stood the test of time. During …
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A London DJ’s Top Ten Tunes – Jay Z

A London DJ's Top Ten Tunes - Jay Z In this edition of a London DJ's Top Ten Tunes we'll be looking at the career of Jay Z, arguably the most successful rapper of all time. When you consider the longevity he's experienced, how prolific he's been and the commercial success he's had Jay Z is undoubtedly a real Hip …