The ultimate DJ hire guide

Planning events can be both tiresome and incredibly difficult! As a mobile DJ and an advocate for my profession I would argue that hiring the right DJ is one of the most important things an event planner should consider. Throughout this blog, ‘The ultimate DJ hire guide’, I’ll detail some of the most critical things a party planner should consider before selecting someone to perform at their event.

Providing your own playlist?

In my opinion DJs are still judged ultimately on the music they play. I’ve written extensively in some of the other blogs I’ve published about the emergence, in recent years, of multifaceted DJ and as part of this I appreciate that the modern DJ is also able to provide a number of other services. Despite this an entertainer who can select right songs at the right times is invaluable!

As a party planner you can also help the DJ you hire by providing him with a song playlist in advance of your event. This is a great way to provide him with an insight into the music you anticipate will be received well by you guests. Personally I always encourage my clients to provide me with a list of songs they’d like me to feature at their events. I also give them an opportunity to let me know of any artists, genres of songs they’d like me to avoid. As a Wedding DJ this is particularly important. Indeed it’s imperative that I know in advance what songs the newlyweds would like to perform their First Dance routines too! Personally I even like to prepare for the final song I’ll be playing on the night.

Provide the DJ with as much detail as possible

Providing the DJ you opt for with as many details as possible is imperative. In doing so you’ll give him a opportunity to prepare to be best of their ability. For instance providing an event schedule can be incredibly useful. Personally, as a Master of Ceremonies, I also like to be informed in advance of any announcements I’ll be required to make. Similarly when I’m performing at Children’s parties I like to know if and when the children will be taking a break to have refreshments.

I can’t emphasis enough how important it is communicate well with your DJ in advance of your event. Failure to do so can have catastrophic consequences. Personally I’d advise having an extensive chat with the DJ before you decide to book with them. In doing so you can asses their suitability.

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Disco Lighting, Mood Lighting or both?

Despite the fact that I believe that good music selection is the critical factor in determining the success of any event, I still appreciate the role that effective Lighting can play. If you’re looking to arrange the perfect DJ hire service you should, in my opinion, definitely consider the quality of Lighting your DJ can provide.

On some occasions Lighting is completely unnecessary. For instance, I’ve found that often older party goers have no interest whatsoever in the quality of Disco Lighting I can provide. Disco Lights can be overbearing particularly if they’re used in conjunction with Smoke or Haze machines. Because of this I sometimes elect to use Mood Lighting, which is far more subtle, instead. Personally I think that Mood Lights look really nice next to my DJ booth. I’ve also used them to decorate large Wedding venues and Halls.

With that being said if the majority of the people at the event you’re organizing are under that age of 50 I think that you should really consider a DJ who can offer a service with decorative Disco and Mood Lights. There are a variety of Disco Lights which can be used with Haze/Smoke machines to create stunning effects. Personally I think that Lasers work really well at Children’s parties. I also think that Moving Head Lights are very effective at Weddings and Corporate events.

Disco Lighting

Hiring a DJ who can promote your event.

Opting for a DJ who can assist with the promotion of your event has many advantages. For instance hiring an entertainer of this ilk can help to relive the pressures from the event planner. This is particularly true is you chose a DJ with a large following on social media. In some instances popular DJs can attract thousands of people to a venue simply by sharing flyers online. If you have a sizeable budget this strategy is ideal because DJ s with large online followings tend to be relatively expensive.

With that being said, there are some other factors worth considering if you’re thinking about selecting a DJ based on his ability to attract people to your venue. If you are really intent on hiring with a large following online it’s imperative that you really analyse both the quality and the quantity of their followers. This is particularly true as DJs can purchase followers on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter which can make it appear as though they are more popular than they actually are. The amount of engagement they receive, in the form of likes and comments, from their posts is often an better indication of their appeal. You may also need to consider seriously if the types of people who follow the DJ are the types of people you’d like to attract to your event.

DJs on social media

Have a look at reviews online

Practically all DJs are convinced of their ability to provide a quality service. This can make it difficult for event planner to distinguish between the entertainers in the industry. Taking a look at what previous clients have said about a DJs service is a fantastic way to assess a DJs ability. Most DJ will have reviews which have been written about them online. For instance most DJs with Facebook pages will have section which is designed to allow people to write testimonials. Often you can also find reviews on Google.

Google DJ hire reviews
Things not to do!
  1. Don’t demand that the DJ plays your favourite tracks immediately. Often DJs will pace themselves. As part of this they tend to feature them most popular tracks towards the end of the party
  2. Don’t hire a venue which is too big. This is one of the most common mistakes that Event Planners make. Selecting a venue which is too big can have a detrimental affect on the party’s atmosphere. It’s far better in my opinion to choose a smaller intimate setting as they encourage interaction amongst guests and dancing!
  3. Don’t forget to invite enough people. You can hire the most incredible DJ in the world but ultimately that counts to nothing if he has no one to play to. It’s particularly important to invite enough women as they’re most likely to dance and to help create a good atmosphere.
  4. Don’t be vague and unclear about what you require. It’s vitally important that you’re clear about what it is that you want from your DJ. Provide as much information as you can. Whenever it’s possible it’s also best to leave your requirements in writing so that there is no confusion whatsoever.
  5. Don’t forget to enjoy the process. This point really need no explanation in my opinion! If you go out of your way to make the planning process enjoyable you’re party is more likely to be a great success! .
Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

The key to arranging the perfect DJ hire service in my opinion is planing! Having a clear idea of exactly what you’d like your DJ to deliver makes their job so much easier. Once you’re able to specify exactly what you what you can that assess the suitability of the DJs your considering. In addition if you’re able to relay your ideas onto the DJ you’ll also give them an opportunity to let you know if they think that they can deliver what you’re asking for!

I really hope that you’ve enjoyed reading this blog. If you can you can find more just like it here.

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